The caged bird sings


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

RIP Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014



Rarotonga (Part two) – The holiday where we get lucky!

So firstly let me just approximate some numbers for Week One…

Some Percentages –

Days of Alcohol consumption 100% – Consisting of – Pina Colada 20%, Geech 15%, Beer 65%
Hangovers 0%
Coconut products consumed 75%
Food products consumed after ‘Use by’ Date 15%
Days of Bread consumption 100%, Duty-free Chocolate consumption 90%
Threatening children with spanks because they wont stop touching the non-wall mounted holiday home television –

  • Counting to 1 before moving away 65%
  • Counting to 2 before moving away 20%
  • Counting to 3… 15% (One child in particular wears ears for decoration 80% of the time!!!)

Days I have woken up thinking ‘I should go for a run this morning’ 100%
Days I have actually gone for a run 0%
Fire Ants 2%
Humidity 100000000% – which equates to 0% Good Hair days!
Wishing I was at home 0%!!!

Week Two had in store a few surprises for us.  One of which came very close to how I felt about completing my first Half Marathon.  I will get to that one soon.

We started out visiting the Perfumes of Rarotonga outlet shop, the shop assistant here was probably the first instance of really good hospitality that we had met so far.  I had heard and read that Cook Islanders were some of the friendliest people, except we hadn’t quite come across it yet.  I thought maybe they take a little bit to warm up, but then remembered that some are probably way over the whole ‘tourist’ thing, the novelty must have well worn off.
I am a sucker for vanilla and coconut scents, as luck would have it they had a Vanilla Coconut perfume, delish!  Now that I am home, I don’t quite know what I will do once the bottle runs out!

This is the shop in Avarua, we also visited the Outlet shop just outside of the town centre

This is the shop in Avarua, we also visited the Outlet shop just outside of the town centre

We had lunch at Seasalt, (Formerly Mama’s cafe and Bar) where a $50 plate of fish and chips was probably enough to feed 8 people, there were only 3 of us plus 2 children… looks like the kids were having Fish and Chips for tea too!

While the children had their Arvo nap, Jared and I nipped out to visit our Second Accomodation of which we would check in to the next day (Tuesday) to organise a late check-out so that the children could have their nap before our flight out.  When booking our Resort accommodation months before we had left it a wee bit too late and had only 2 choices in the end as not too many places have 3 bedroom options.  Our choices were out of Te Manava Luxury Villa’s and Spa (one of the most expensive resorts) and one of the least desirable resorts (according to reviews from Tripadvisor and Expedia), which I wont name.

20.05.2014 308
Of course because this would be Sheryl’s (Mother in-law) last overseas trip, we decided to go all out.  Te Manava it is!
Anywho, we arrive at the office and receive a very friendly greeting from Jane the Manager and Concierge.  She helps us sort a late check-out (without extra fee), books Jared and I in for a Cultural night and organises a babysitter.  How is that for efficiency!  Took a bit of the hassle off of my hands.

On our way back we notice a sign on the road directly opposite the Villa’s.

This was the winery I had planned on visiting in the first week, but couldn’t quite find it seeing as many of the places around here do not advertise there exact where about’s.
Here we meet Framheim Koteka of Koteka Winery.  He has for us to taste 3 liquers – Coconut, Banana and Chili!  All of them delicious!  However as I am a rookie at the heat of chili, I had it sit just behind my jaw for a very long time, I should have tried that one first!
We purchased a bottle of Coconut Liqueur, I imagine pouring a shot of this over some sweet French Vanilla Ice Cream or infusing a Buttercream with it and spreading it all over a fluffy Vanilla cupcake!  Yum Yum!

We continue our trip home and decide there is still time for a quick drink, so we stop in at the Pacific Resort and have a Cocktail at their Barefoot Bar situated smack bang in the middle of Muri Beach.  If I hadn’t already fallen in love with the island, this would be the moment where I thought I might never leave!

Tropical Sensation - The drink, not my husband ha!

Tropical Sensation – The drink, not my husband ha!

Margarita'ville!!!! YEOW!

Margarita’ville!!!! YEOW!

Earlier we had gone on a stupidly long mission to find a particular Fish Shop that the Mother in-law wanted to visit, seeing as that was the one she went to 6 YEARS AGO!!!  A lot happens in 6 years, we never found the shop which was apparently on the Ara Metua (the inland road).  Yet we passed at least 3 Fish Shops almost everyday.  We gave up the search and went to the one we saw first.  Here we spent about $16 and got 2 big fillets of Tuna, 2 of Marlin and 1 of Wahoo.
We enjoyed a mammoth meal of Sashimi and realised although we had spent very little on fish, we had bought too much of it.

20.05.2014 166

Our beverage pairing for this meal. We were minus the chopsticks at this holiday home.

20.05.2014 172

Tuesday we get the house all cleaned up, wait for the kids to arise from their nap and then haul everything and everyone over to Te Manava.

20.05.2014 282

We meet Jane again who guides us to our Villa and mentions to us that we had an upgrade.  At this point I was thinking ‘Mean maybe we might get some comfy furniture in this one’.  And then she mentions that we will be checking into the ‘PRESIDENTIAL VILLA’.

20.05.2014 187


I was thinking ‘Oh mean, we might get a place with the best beachfront’.

She opens the door and for the life of me I still had not registered exactly what ‘Upgrade’ means.

Villa 3 - Presidential Suite

Villa 3 – Presidential Villa

We then begin walking alongside a pool that wraps around a courtyard, we reach another door and she announces that this is it.

20.05.2014 297 20.05.2014 175 20.05.2014 182

I said something kinda stupid… “Wait… is that our pool we just walked past?”  For some reason I thought it was some kind of communal Resort pool.  “Yup, for the next 5 days, it is all yours”

The pool wasn’t the half of it! We were treated to 2 different dining spaces, one outside and one inside, a Beachfront outdoor setting to lounge around on, A bar and fully equipped kitchen, A huge TV that we were sure would come in handy for the kids, A king size bed for Grandma, 2 single beds in a huge room for the kids (of which we made sure to strip out any breakables before they entered it) and that was all downstairs!
Upstairs was the Master bedroom and ensuite.  At the top of the stairs I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.  This huge four posted bed with an ensuite twice the size of my bedroom at home, not to mention walk in wardrobe and perfectly situated bathtub!  I couldn’t quite believe that I had had a wee ‘Luck’ sunbeam shine on me, that I would deserve something so grand!

Not really a 'Bath' person, but I did make sure to have at least one in this!

Not really a ‘Bath’ person, but I did make sure to have at least one in this!

What I woke up to every morning

What I woke up to every morning

My View right from my bedroom window

My View right from my bedroom window

Jane had booked us in for dinner at the Sandals Restaurant and Barefoot Bar, where unfortunately we did not have the best experience.  We actually ate here a total of 3 times and out of the 3 only one made the cut.  It was very unfortunate that we had spent so much money at this place and had not got too much out of it.  The food was fine, the service although friendly, was slow and mishap.  We did get a free round of Pina Colada’s out of it after Jane had mentioned our experience to the Restaurant manager.  I don’t like to be a pain, but there were SO MANY faults in the service it was hard for the humblest of people to stay quiet!

Wednesday night we met up with my cousin and her partner for a Booze Bus Pub Crawl with Gas It Booze Cruise.  $20 admission was all it cost us to grab a seat on this bus, we did a small amount of pre-chug but by time we met our first bar I was pretty much sober.  Not to worry though, $25 bought a whole round of 4 drinks!  Every bar we went to was pretty much this cheap!  Needless to say, we were not feeling very fresh in the morning!

21.05.2014 051

Pou, Shyree and I

Pou, Shyree and I

Thursday was my first kayak on the island, straight from our back yard into Muri Beach lagoon.
We also did the Te Vara Nui Village tour, Dinner and Over water Night Show.  I LOVED THIS!  If you are interested in the Cook Island Maori culture, and want to learn more about it, you must do this!  They also have THE BEST Pina colada’s on the island!

20.05.2014 315


On Friday I went for my first and only snorkel for our holiday.  I am a bit of a fraidy cat when it comes to breathing through my mouth under water.  I am a big time Nose breather in general so I had to have a bit of a Jam in the Villa Pool before I went out into the lagoon.  Todd, Jane’s husband who is also the Maintenance manager of the Resort mentioned the best spot for snorkeling – Tikioki Beach.  We didn’t have time to go all the way out there, so I am making sure that next time we are back that I will once again put on my big girl panties and get in that water!

Saturday Night was a ‘Romantic Dinner for Two’ and the Sandals Restaurant.  We had some lovely service and some great food, I really wished that they had got it right the first 2 times!

Sunday was pack up and move out time.  Our flight was delayed 45 minutes, which proved to be difficult for the Twinlets.  They were very crabby and very hungry by the time we were boarded.  It was already evident that going home was not going to be fun!

We arrive home at 10:30pm NewZealand time (Around Mid-night’ish Raro time), tired, hungry and cold.  All I could think about was what a dream it would be to have a little (or a lot) more time in the Cook Islands.  I know we will be back!

Even though this second week had a lot of luxury, I love Rarotonga more for what it actually is.  It is a little piece of heaven, with a beautiful lifestyle and a complex but interesting history.

It is waking up to roosters and little fat dogs.  Its your hand bag contents covered in sand at the end of a day at the beach.   It is Pigs bathing roadside in huge puddles of last nights rainfall.  It is Tattoo’s that tell a million stories.  It is walking out your front door and having a self-replenishing fruit bowl at your convenience.  It is shorts and singlet tops.  It is Ika Mata  and Coconut everything.  It is Scooters and barefoot school children.  It is Vaka and 7 stones.  It is coconut frond fires and heavenly home cooked meal smells in small little roadside stores.  It is rich colour and culture evident in every flower, every pareu and every smile.  It is REAL Fruit Smoothies and Pina Colada’s.  It is Grand churches and House-front buried loved ones.  It is runners and cyclists in the sweltering heat.  It is Pate and Ukulele’s.  It is Demigod’s, Rangatira and Christian Missionaries.  It is waterfalls and Mosquito’s.

You have a little piece of my heart,

Till next time Rarotonga…


Jay 🙂

20.05.2014 267 20.05.2014 257 20.05.2014 265

Rarotonga – The Holiday that stole my Heart! (Part One)

As I clambered down the Airstairs with 2 children and a whole bunch of carry on luggage, I suddenly realise that I over dressed for my flight.

Even though I had carefully thought out my ‘flight’ clothing for the day, even at 3am in the bitterly cold New Zealand morning, I had dressed as light as I could. (We drove up from Tauranga to Auckland rather than get domestic flights, parked at Auckland International Long Term Parking.  Saved lots of money!)

21.05.2014 012

Our 3am Start, Dylan is ready to go!

21.05.2014 014

Grayson usually isn’t this chirpy at 3am!

Luckily for my husband and I, on arriving we were rushed straight through to customs with 2 children and grandma in tow, cleared to enter the country.

We walk through the Arrivals door way.

Kia Orana, Welcome to Rarotonga!

We are warmly greeted and are asked for where we will be staying, as to receive directions.

Weeks and weeks of planning things from tourist to-do’s right down to ways to have an enjoyable flight with 2 year old twins, all melted away with the heat, sun, and warm welcome (Although we didn’t get Lei’ed).

I felt my face start to smile and my heart start to lighten.

I was sure right now that this would be a holiday I would never forget!

We stack 4 suitcases, A carry on Bag, two Trunkies, a double stroller a whole lot of Duty Free booze and a Walker (for Grandma) into a small 4 door rental car – Island Car Hire (This car was pretty worse for wear, but it was everything we needed, plus we used it to visit the beach a lot and had a soggy mud driveway, so having a nicer car would possibly have meant a ‘Soiling fee’)

The back seat contents and children spill around during our short drive to our Holiday home located in the Matavera District situated in the North East corner of the island.

When we arrive at the house, I open the door and let our sweaty clammy children loose in the front yard.  I have to rush after the both of them as they boost for a rather short stumpy tubby dog trying to sleep under the front doorstep.  I have no idea of the temperament of the dog, and my children love animals and are far too trusting!  Luckily for us, most of the dogs on the island are just as casual as the locals.

21.05.2014 042

Cuddles with Buster

In fact I would soon learn that the whole island seems to adopt a cruisey attitude, animals included!

Our home for the next 9 nights would be a 3 bedroom holiday home, named Seaspray Beach Villa.

21.05.2014 041 20.05.2014 326


20.05.2014 043

View from my bedroom (excuse the runners feet, nail polish never lasts that long)

20.05.2014 049

Front Yard, view of the Mountains

20.05.2014 035

Back yard, usually filled with chickens being chased by the children. Not a swim-able beach but beautiful to fall asleep to and wake up to!

Since booking this accommodation I have seen cheaper Holiday Homes of similar quality.  Though this one suited all our needs.   We were also able to organise a free late check out.  Usual check-out time at most places is 10am, and check-in time in our next accommodation would be 2pm.  The children have a nap from 11am-1pm so we really needed somewhere for them to sleep, otherwise nobody is a happy camper!  We also organised late check-out from the other accommodation, but more about that later.

If a Holiday Home is what you are after on your trips, make sure to do lots of searching before picking the right one (in the most convenient area) for you.  Sometimes you can pick one up cheaply from a last minute cancellation.
I used these sites –


All unpacked, it was nearing time for dinner.

A quick short trip a few hundred metres down the road was a convenience shop.  I must say Rarotonga knows how to do convenience, with small little shops like this one situated all over the island, you will never be without a beverage or bite to eat whenever and where ever.

20.05.2014 329

Almost all the shops had cooked plates of traditional and non-traditional food, the easiest way to experience island food on a budget.

20.05.2014 279 20.05.2014 280

Because we arrived on a Sunday, the main Supermarket would not be open today.

We gather a few essentials, to whip up a quick meal with a few bits and pieces we had brought along with us (Customs and Regulations – Entry and Departure).

Not a 5 star meal, but a homely one to say the least.

By the time we get our children fed, showered and settled into bed we were feeling that bedtime was near for us too.  It was a warm night, so all doors and windows stayed open.  Thank goodness for fly screens and Aerogard – Tropical Strength!

Poor Little Miss Moo, Over tired, Over stimulated and under-slept!

Poor Little Miss Moo, Over tired, Over stimulated and under-slept!

Like clock work, even with the time difference the children soon get into their sleeping routine with a 7am wake up.

Our first morning, dressed more appropriately, my tongue began to tingle with that familiar sensation that comes with warmer weather…

It was time to shop, with a main ingredient on the list – Beer!

Never too early for a beer!  Not while on vacation anyway!

Never too early for a beer! Not while on vacation anyway!

With a hefty shop and restless hungry kids we get home just before lunch time.

A decent lunch paired with a refreshing bevey (or 3),  namely a Geech – Gin, Peach Schnapps and Lemonade.  Every time I make this drink brings back memories of fun, laughter and good company!  Perfect for a tropical holiday!

With children back down to bed for their afternoon sleep, it was time to see some sights, and perhaps drink a little more.

Because we had arrived on a Sunday, Monday meant a trip to sign a (Car) rental agreement.  We took the long way round so that I could see more of the sights, with an island just over 35km in circumference, any which way you go you are bound to get there on ‘Island time’, no need to rush.

With I’s dotted and T’s crossed, we were off to enjoy whatever free time we had left before children wake up.  Stopping for a couply beers at Trader Jacks Bar and Grill.  Though we had a few beersies here over our holiday, we never quite made it back for a meal, though we had many recommending it.

If you know me well, you would know that I am an organisational freak!

We were spending probably more than we could afford on this holiday so I had planned out an Itinerary to ensure we got some decent ‘Bang’ for our Buck!

I am a sucker for culture, my curiosity gets away with me and I have a real need to see, do and experience everything Cultural.  I made sure to list all the ‘Must-do’s’ and kept things flexible as to not get too carried away with being somewhere/doing something all the time.

22.05.2014 004

You can tell it had seen better days! Things were chopped and changed but it was great to have as a guideline

In the following days, we lived out the week visiting –

The ruins of The Sheraton Resort an ABANDONED HOTEL IN PARADISE – A graffiti covered complex that sits amid a vastly overgrown piece of land, donning large cows munching away at its vegetation.

20.05.2014 099

Our imaginations got carried away with this one, Jared and I dreaming up ways of how it could be a real success, Dreams only of course!

Maire Nui Gardens –  The gardens were beautifully manicured and delightfully kept.  Every local plant and flower on display here, and many with medicinal purposes too!  We arrived here too early to try out The Hidden Spirit Cafe and Restaurant, but the reviews I had read were very high up there.  Definitely on my to-do list for next time!

20.05.2014 015 20.05.2014 001 20.05.2014 004 20.05.2014 010


Arorangi Beach – One of the many, as we take a quick drive around the island.  Children dunking!

20.05.2014 124 20.05.2014 131 20.05.2014 119

Papua (Wigmore’s) Waterfall – After a bit of discussion, we were quite sure that the waterfall only flows when there is a sustained heavy downpour.  The lonely precipice up in the hills was still a must-see in my books, just so you can say that you had been there, plus the little water pool was crystal clear and the area is super green (although, some messy tourists can’t help but dump their rubbish).

20.05.2014 115

Te Punanga Nui Playground – What trip for children is complete without a playground visit?!  We visited this playground twice in the first week.  Not too many Health and Safety concerned parents in this area, it was an OSH Nightmare, but the kids loved it!  They even learnt to play on the more challenging obstacles which probably would’ve have been more appropriate for a 3 or 4 year old.

20.05.2014 145

Muri Beach – One of the prettier lagoons/beaches, but on the windier side of the island.  We would stay here for most of the second week. Our first visit was on an overcast day, however the temperature doesn’t seem to drop often, rain or not, the water is always warm.

20.05.2014 140


20.05.2014 158


Te Punanga Markets – A hive of activity on a Saturday morning, we enjoyed the long awaited Raro donuts, Chicken Curry and Chopsuey on Rice.  Also filled our fridge with locally grown fruit and veg, delish!

This obviously wasn't taken on a Saturday morning, but I had to get the sign!

This obviously wasn’t taken on a Saturday morning, but I had to get the sign!

I had also planned to Hash with the local Running Group – Rarotonga Hash House Harriers.  It was Triathlon week in Raro when we arrived, so it would have been an extra special time to have met some of the local runners and some not so local athletes.  Unfortunately because my children took a couply of days to settle back into their routine, I decided to give it a miss.  In fact I didn’t run once while in Rarotonga, something to do with lack of sleep and too much drink!


Food Places we visited –

We bought most of our groceries from the main Supermarket in Avarua – CITC – Cook Island Trading Corporation.  You would expect to find that it is slightly more expensive than home as a lot it is Imported from New Zealand.
There is also a supermarket smack bang in the middle of town (Avarua) – Foodland and also a New-ish Butchery – Primefoods (Also in Avarua).  There is another smaller supermarket on the opposite side of the island Island (Takitumu district) – Wigmores Superstore
We had vacuum packed (and froze) about $100 worth of meat and deli-meats to take over to further save on costs.

Le Bon Vivant (Muri) – You would think just by stepping into this smart cafe/restaurant that you were back home in a trendy little patisserie.  With loads of fresh deli style breads, and sweet pastries, you will find a piece of familiarity at either of the 2 LBV’s on the island – Muri and Avarua.

20.05.2014 034

Deli-licious Cafe, Muri Beach – Another Cafe, literally situated across the road from LBV, Deli-licious is just that… Delicious!  Mostly Cafe food/Menu, and one of the best Fruit Smoothies.  The kids even had one whole drink each all to themselves!

20.05.2014 081

20.05.2014 085

Dylan playing in the palm trees

We dined here at Deli-licious for Mother’s Day Brunch, which also happened to land on my cousin Shyree’s birthday, who actually was holiday in Rarotonga at the exact same time as us.  We all met up for a lovely breakfast, some quick holiday updates and discussed plans for the 2nd week – there was much to drink on the island, people to meet and lots to talk about!  We were going to go out with a bang!

BananaCourt Bar and Restaurant – We didn’t get to eat here, but stopped in for a Beer, more specifically, the local beer – Matutu Beer.  I really wanted to visit the Matutu Brewery but ran out of time between, eating, drinking and relaxing.  It will be at the top of my list next time!

20.05.2014 102


The two beers were distinctly different, one being a Pale Ale and the other being a Lager.  I had the Lager which was super fruity.  Though it tasted nice, I could not have had a night on it.  Jared had the Pale Ale, and says he enjoyed it.  I did have one sip of his, I can’t really liken it to anything I have had before, but it was very drinkable.

Unfortunately for us one of the Restaurants on my ‘To-do’ list had burnt down on the Wednesday – Vaima Restaurant.  We heard super loud sirens late in the night which gave me a hell of a fright!  Unfortunately none of it could be saved, you can read more about it here.

We prepared and Ate most of our meals in-house, to save costs (and sanity!  Dining with toddlers isn’t always that fun!).  I had made a list of dining choices before arriving in Raro, and catogorised them – Casual/Family, Family/Lunch/Dinner, Recommended Restaurants for Adult Dinner, Fast Food options.  This made choosing and locating easier.  A lot of the Food Establishments keep funny hours and days, not everyone conforms to the usual 6 days a week, Brunch/Lunch and Dinner hours.  It helped that I had specified on my list where each one was located and its opening hours/days.


We also purchased the Daily Newspaper – Cook Island News, I loved to read about what was going on on the island and a wee bit about around the world.  I vigilantly looked at the ‘Situations Vacant’ section every day, and found a million and one Job’s I could be doing to keep me there in Raro… One can only but dream 😦

20.05.2014 070

Two jobs, to keep us both lol

This was about it for our first week, we did a few bits and pieces in between, but made sure to relax a lot, and of course drink a lot!  You can find our 2nd week in the next post 🙂 I am also writing up a post about travelling with little people, something I would have like to have read during the planning stage of our holiday.

Anyway, stay tuned until then,
Sorry these posts will be long, but hopefully it reduces the amount of questions I get from Friends and Family.

Till next time,

Jay 🙂


Clothes Shopping as a 30 year old!


Haven’t posted her in a while, so here goes…

2 months ago I turned 30.

A month ago I re-started my focus with weight-loss.
In that time I have lost a considerable amount meaning that I have dropped a size, almost 2.

Nothing in my wardrobe fits the same anymore.  All the clothes I kept from my pre-baby phase just don’t seem to fit the same way.

All my clothing options I currently own are either one of the following:

– I can fit it and will keep it
– I can fit it, but it looks stupid because it doesn’t fit the same way it used to
– I can fit it but it is seriously only suitable for a 20 year old
– I can’t fit it, it looks like a tent, it makes me feel frumpy, it has to go!

So I went shopping today, just for a few bits and pieces seeing as I don’t plan on staying this weight for too long.

As I scoured  the first store I came to a realisation that I should actually decide who I want to be as a 30 year old.

What on earth does a 30 year old look like?  What do they wear?  What is acceptable?  Can I get away with my usual style?
Should I actually change?

I mean come on…
For the first time in my life I have actually considered whether or not I should start wearing make up.  I have thought about how plunging my neck-line should be.  Should I be toning my arms more than I already do?  Can I still wear a hoody?

Some stupid questions have crossed my mind in the last 2 months, and some pretty complex ones too.

So let’s go back to the store…

In this store lived 2 basic genres from what I could see (or could be bothered to look).
Those suitable for teen – 20’s, and then those suitable for 40’ish+

It was really hard for me to sift through things and not think…

Is this what I am now?  Someone who wears high neck lines (of which make my chest look huge and wide, and my neck short).  Someone who must conform to florals and flowey fabrics, someone who must wear clothes that look like her everyday wear is fit for the business scene.

It was a big mish mash of styles, none of which I could see myself living my 30’s in.

I managed 4 stores today, and came away with 5 pieces.  Some I could take or leave, and some that I really love.

I even did something silly today.
I tried on something I would never dream of trying on, ya know, just for shits and gigs…
And it actually looked pretty good…

 photo b272a68a-3d40-4cf1-b71e-b098639d2586_zps9a9e457c.jpg


Not something that I would pick up and try on, but meh, as much as I hate to say it… YOLO! (can I even say that as a 30 year old?)

So just as a ‘thing’  I have decided that I would try on a whole bunch of weird crazy shit that I wouldn’t usually, ya know, just to see.

So what do you reckon about the cats? (disregarding the terrible choice of bra I wore today ha!) (I didn’t buy it) (don’t answer that question) (it was semi-rhetorical…? I think?)


I didn’t quite know where I should be putting this post, of the two blogs I write, so I chucked it up on both.

I have come to this conclusion…

I have 10 years to figure out who I want to be in my 30’s.
I can actually wear whatever the hell I want.
I should actually try on weird stuff every once in a while, just to see.
I have really wide shoulders but small boobs.
I may just need to buy a decent pair of spanks for the 30’s.
I can make this up as I go along.
A 30’s style is pretty much whatever you want to wear in your 30’s.
Being 30 is not really as bad as it is made out to be!


Anyway, this was more ‘Dear Diary’ than ‘Informative’

…or maybe it is just garbage.

On to the next day…

Still running,

And getting a wee bit buff,

Jay 🙂


10 Things you should never say to your kids?

So I was just flicking through my FB newsfeed and saw this graphic…

Read this article then come right back 🙂

I am guilty of just a couple of these, but the two that I can’t wrap my head around are …

‘Great Job’ and ‘You’re ok’

I am no expert but let me tell you why…

I am one of those mums that tells my kid they are great for a lot of the smaller things they do.  I believe children need positive affirmations in their lives to reassure them that they are going about things the right way, they are doing the right things.  The way I see it is if they understand that they are doing something correctly and are told so, then they learn to keep doing that thing correctly….right?!?

Perhaps it is a reflection of how I like to be motivated to do the right thing, or continue doing a good thing.  I am the kind of person that will do something great purely because it feels good to do so in the act, I don’t need that reassurance.  But at the same time, I am likely to keep doing those awesome things because I see I make a positive impact or because I am on the right track!

I can understand what their explanation in this article is for not saying ‘Great Job’, but at the same time my children are two years old, everything new development in my eyes is a Great job’!  How am I meant to say something more constructive like what they have suggested – Instead of “Super game,” say, “That was a nice assist. I like how you looked for your teammate.”
They are after all only 2 years old…. I know, I know… it has to be relative… but ya know what I mean!

And ‘You’re OK’..

I am going to hold fast to this one!

I make a firm point of not being a cotton wool mum!  

I do not put unnecessary fear into my children’s hearts when I want for them to grow, learn, develop and experience.  They are not going to do any of that if they are going to be constantly held back by a mother saying ‘Be Careful, don’t do that you will hurt yourself, and constantly being my children’s shadow.

I wont go as far to say that I am preparing them for the world, but I will go as far as saying that you live and you learn and you get on with things.  You create a rod for your own back when your children pick up on your tendency to always comfort, even on the smallest of things!

Now before you go getting all ‘how could she’ on me, of course I know where to draw the line and comfort my child.  From the time they are born you do become accustomed to their differing cries, and you know which ones mean business.

Fully agree with the other 8 things, the explanations lack full explanation but I do get the jist of them.

Anyway what do you think?

Go ahead and have a read…

Let me know your thoughts…

Jay 🙂


If I hear someone say that to me one more time…

The most recent trip home from the hardware store down town had my husband and I daydreaming verbally dreaming of an invention that would make a killing!

This invention would be shaped exactly like a hand-gun water pistol but instead of water, it would shoot magic cones of silence.  These would be noise scream proof but still have an oxygen/breathable membrane as to not suffocate its captive.
This ‘Silence’ pistol would come with an Optional accessory especially coded to the particular pistol that you have purchased, which ‘pops’ the cone/s of silence and only that one tool can be used to free what/whoever you have contained.

I can imagine many husbands would also like to purchase other pistols in this range – perhaps to use on their wives.


You would know upon stepping foot into my house that I am securely into what is called the “Terrible Two’s” phase of my children’s lives.

I shouldn’t say ‘children’s’ lives, I should really say my family’s life.

I shouldn’t say my ‘family’s’ life… I should actually say my household’s life.  My household because it means pets included!

The entire household is affected by two tiny humans.

So when my tiny humans are not happy – neither are the rest of us!  Pets included!

When I was going through the first 12 months of my children’s life, I would go on to websites and read about their development and what to expect.

I would read into what to expect in the next month’s just to prepare myself mentally for what I have to do or how I have to be as a mum.  I say ‘prepare myself’ because anything I would have to go through, I would have to do it at double the intensity and on my own most times with hubby out of the country working. Twins!

No amount of research or reading can prepare you for that which is the “Terrible Two’s”.  All you can do is best understand why Toddlers behave the way they do and get a hold of your inner patience sanity.  Learn to breathe through it and know that it wont last forever!

What infuriates me just as much as my children’s tantrums are people who tell me not to wish their ‘terrible two’ phase away.  People who say, ‘No, don’t wish them to be older, they are only young for so long’, ‘don’t wish the to grow up too fast, it will be all gone in a blink’.

These people, though they mean well, can go suck my balls! Can go stand way over there! >>>>>>

Getting from A to B in public during a fit of epic proportions is not fun!  I do not skip delightfully next to my children down the street in a floral knee length dress paired with a white ladies summer hat and delicate sandels that envelope my perfectly manicured toes, while they partake in a blood curdling verbal death match.


I slowly inch my way, stopping and starting, stopping and starting, in my Oversized Sunglasses, equally oversized shirt and plain black tights (obviously for comfort), sipping my much needed extra shot latte, pleading with my inner thoughts to just focus on getting to the car without throwing F’bombs that will echo through the shopping complex and/or losing my rag and storming off without them.  Neither of these two scenarios would ever happen,  I actually do love my two little grenades, but frick my mind wanders!

So no, I will not have this guy, that lady and the other tell me one more time to relax and go with it because soon enough it will all be over.  No.  I will be pissed and angry and frustrated and exhausted and embarrassed in the moment because I, I am the one dealing with it right now, right at the minute!  I am entitled to do and say what ever the hell I want, because it is my kids that are putting on the death by screaming Mardi Gras.  (In all honesty I actually do ok… On the outside ha!)
I am entitled to feel and think how ever I want!

So until my little wee bundles of joy learn fully of consequence, patience, better understanding and control of emotion, I will chose to feel, say and do whatever I want!

I recall back to my own childhood where my mother would confidently grab me by ear and guide me very persuasively to the car while verbalising whatever curse word came to mind.
This being very acceptable back in the day… I think I turned out alright…

Good luck with your little rays of sunshine,

We are all in this together!

Jay 🙂